ALREADY FREE documents the profound awakening of two students of the Ren Xue school of self-realization and wisdom.

Jane Campion, Director of award-winning film 'The Piano', is inspired!

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ALREADY FREE documents the profound awakening of two ordinary people into a profound state of self-realization and wisdom. Available online in 13 languages (and counting).

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ALREADY FREE documents the profound awakening of Dorrie van Roij-Houtappels and Norberto Rodrigues. Though living thousands of miles apart, they travel the same path to enlightenment – a life cultivation path, Ren Xue. The practice transforms their lives and opens them to the true freedom of mind and heart that is the ultimate promise of most spiritual traditions.

Dorrie an inquisitive thinker and mother of two, currently living in Auckland, New Zealand, explores the meaning of life as she faces depression, doubt and fear.

Norberto, a spiritual seeker and young martial artist living in Lisbon, Portugal, finds himself facing permanent disability and constant pain through severe injury to his back.

Each struggles with a doubt that crippled them in the past, but through dedication, a willful openness to the realities of life and complete surrender, they find a deep trust that reveals their true freedom.

The viewer is invited into this world through intimate interviews, beautiful cinematography and revealing animation that tell a story that is beyond words. These portraits introduce us to doubtful but loving family members, surprisingly astute teenage children, and thankful students. We see two normal people who have reached a higher state of being and inner peace that fundamentally alters the way they feel, think and live. The effect of Dorrie and Norberto’s transformation on those around them is perhaps the most remarkable revelation of the film.

For the viewer, close-up studies of the Qigong movements are a compelling invitation to experience the quiet depth of these slow, thoughtful practices. We are drawn into the deep sense of energized calm that is Dorrie and Norberto’s inner experience and which is, they tell us, the natural state of all humans. In the end, this film is an offering, gently inviting all of us to understand that we are, in fact, Already Free.

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Dorrie and Norberto

Ordinary people living thousands of miles apart, independently discover an innovative form of Qigong that offers the promise of health, inner peace and true freedom. The practice transforms them in dramatic and profound ways, deeply touching everyone in their lives.

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