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A free introductory training on how to transform negativity into positivity

Change Your Patterns, Change Your Destiny

Transformation of Consciousness - Free Foundation Training 

April 2020 - Starts 20 April

Revolutionize your negative conditioning to transform your life. 

Free foundation training with personal development trainer and Yuan Gong Instructor Kim Knight. Course dates and details in confirmation email. 

Fed up of your negativity and unhappiness?

Have you ever wondered why it is you do certain things... or have certain habits... or behave a certain way... or think repeated thoughts... over and over and over again... and you just can't seem to change them?

We may call these actions and behaviours 'bad or unhealthy habits', but really there is more to them than this...

These habits are embedded deep in your psyche... in your unconscious... out of reach to the conscious mind. Which is why they are so difficult to change.

Habits like:

  • worrying incessantly, to the point of extreme anxiety, panic, nausea...
  • imagining the 'worst-case-scenario' of what could happen, and feeling like it feels real, even though it's only in your head...
  • getting repeatedly angry, losing your temper, dumping on others... and then regretting it and beating yourself up two minutes later...
  • getting trapped in fearful thoughts over and over again...
  • creating 'stories' in your head about what people are thinking about you, and then finding out later they're not true (or maybe you keep believing the stories...)
  • drawing incomplete conclusions which your mind 'makes up' and creates from incomplete facts...
  • distrusting people and living in fear and doubt...
  • comparing yourself with others, never feeling good enough, feeling jealous and envious of others' success...
  • and many more life-depleting habits of thinking and behaving!

But what if I could show you a way to clear these habits... at their core... without having to re-live the past drama or trauma of what set them up in the first place?

This is the subject of the 'transformation of patterns' training, which I will be leading in a few months time. 

And now is your chance to experience the first foundation section of this very comprehensive training... for free... for a limited time only. 

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'Change your Patterns, Change your Destiny'

Foundation Course Content

Transforming the patterns of consciousness is a HUGE topic... a lifetime endeavour... but we have to start somewhere!

In this foundation training here are some of the topics we will cover:

  • 3 of the 10 core fundamental patterns of human nature which lie deep in your unconscious, driving every belief, habit, thought, emotion and action you have in daily life
  • The '4 treasures of life' which you are really wishing for when you go after your goals, no matter what you think your ambitions are
  • The difference between your 'True' and 'false' self, and what this means for your overall and long-term health and happiness
  • Why your true, natural state is a constant experience of calm and peace, and how it's possible to access this more and more every day
  • The 5 essential qualities of your 'Xin Ling' (heart consciousness) and how it's possible to 'cultivate' these qualities on a daily basis in order to restore harmony and peace within
  • and many more fascinating topics, too much to mention here!

In particular we will look at the 3 of the fundamental patterns of human nature which drive your unconscious habits of thinking and repeated behaviour:

  1. Negativity and pessimism
  2. Fixed expectations
  3. Unfounded suspicion

Get ready to learn about 'what makes you tick' and how you can change your old habits for the better. Get ready for transformation! Get ready to set yourself free.

Dates and Details of Foundation Training

The course will be delivered online through a mix of short pre-recorded tutorials and one or two live sessions with me.

Everything will be recorded and made available to watch 'on demand' at your own leisure in your own time, so don't worry if you can't make any 'live' classes.

The course will run end of March - beginning of April 2020. The exact dates will be notified soon by email, so as long as you sign up, you will be notified of the dates.

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