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The Trust Series Part 1: Foundation 'A Taste of Trust'

An invitation to turn fear, doubt and worry into indomitable trust!

This introductory program on cultivating the 'essential heart quality of trust' is part 1 of a comprehensive 3-part training in how to tangibly and practically grow and experience trust, in order to eliminate habits of fear, including doubt, anxiety, overwhelm and worry. Eliminating negativity and fear enables you to live your life in a state of trust, no matter what insecurities are happening around you or in your personal life. 

In this introductory training you will learn:

  • the 7 habits which must be given up in order to experience greater trust
  • 3 steps you can start taking right now to increase feelings of trust
  • the 4 levels of trust every human can learn to experience
  • how human instinct and early life experiences set you up for a life of trust... or mistrust

You will also experience a guided meditation to experience what trust feels like in your heart

And at the end of the foundation program you will have an opportunity to continue your journey of re-learning to trust by joining the next level in the Trust Series training. 

What People Are Saying:

I have so enjoyed your Trust series! It is so relevant to me working on Trust at the moment. It is the little everyday incidents that happen in my life where I lacked Trust. I love you sharing your own examples as a way of helping us to understand what lack of Trust is. Your comment that 'everything that has happened in my life and everything that is happening now, was / is meant to happen' is very freeing. Although I have heard this before it's something that doesn’t come to my mind when challenges happen in every day life, and I tend to get caught up in the story or patterns. Your way of presenting the series is so easy to understand and I am beginning to have more awareness now to bring Trust into my everyday life when the unexpected happens. Is there more in the Trust series? I look forward to joining in with your emotional series when you have it recorded.

Member Feedback

What a fantastic training, I learned so much, thank you!

Member feedback

This training has opened up a new world for me. Thank you!

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