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Change your Destiny - Introductory Foundation Training

Are you ready to become a new you?

An introduction to cultivating your 'heart consciousness' and transforming the fundamental negative patterns of human nature.

The goal of this course is to give you an insight into the importance of transforming the patterns of consciousness and cultivating the heart. Then, if you wish to take the next step, you can enroll in the full training program.

In this program we will explore many aspects of human nature including:

  • The core fundamental patterns of human nature which lie deep in your unconscious, driving every belief, habit, thought, emotion and action you have in daily life
  • The '4 treasures of life' which you are really wishing for, no matter what you think your goals and ambitions are
  • The difference between your 'True' and 'false' self, and what this means for your overall and long-term health and happiness
  • Why your true, natural state is a constant experience of calm and peace, and how it's possible to access this more and more every day
  • The 5 essential qualities of your 'Xin Ling' (heart consciousness) and how it's possible to 'cultivate' these qualities on a daily basis in order to restore harmony and peace within
  • And much more!

Led by personal development trainer and Yuan Gong Instructor Kim Knight.