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Is this you?

Do emotions disturb your inner peace?

  • Do you often or ever experience feelings of sadness, disappointment, upset, anger, betrayal, frustration, loneliness, fear or other unwanted emotions - they make you 'feel bad' but you don't quite know what to do to get rid of them?
  • Do you find it difficult to deal with your feelings, and end up pushing them away, swallowing them, ignoring them, hoping they will go away, but then feeling grumpy and out of sorts for days because they're still churning around inside?
  • When something happens to upset you, do you get stuck in a 'story' in your head of what should or shouldn't have happened, stealing your inner peace for days or weeks?
  • Do you find yourself holding all your unexpressed feelings inside, but then sooner or later exploding when everything gets too much and you cannot take any more?
  • Does your brain shut down and go into 'brain freeze' when people are unkind or disrespectful, but you don't know how to respond or stand your ground?
  • Do you find yourself experiencing annoying repeated 'knee-jerk' emotional responses over similar events happening in your life and no matter how hard you try, the same response happens over and over again (eg getting angry about stuff)?
  • Do certain people 'push your buttons' leaving you feeling upset and unsettled for hours, days or even weeks?
  • Are your unprocessed feelings causing digestive disturbances, 'upsetting' you, making you 'feel sick to your stomach with worry'?
  • Is your unresolved emotional turmoil keeping you awake at night, causing you to feel exhausted the next day, day after day?
  • Would you like to know how to get rid of unwanted emotions quickly, easily, safely and efficiently?

If so, this course will help you turn all all of this around!

'Non beneficial behaviours and self-harming lifestyle habits are the outward manifestation of unhealthy patterns of consciousness. Emotions are the glue which hold the patterns in place'.

Kim Knight, EI Trainer - Ren Xue Teacher

3 Steps to

Emotional Freedom

Free Introductory Webinar

Tues 1 December (Monday day before USA / UK)

10am NZT (1pm USA PST / 9pm UK the day before)

A free webinar training on emotional intelligence and patterns.

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Emotions and Patterns

In Ren Xue we talk a lot about 'patterns' and the need to dissolve the unhealthy patterns of consciousness (which constitute our 'false self') in order to rediscover our True Self. 

We could say that patterns have a lot to do with thoughts, habits of thinking, unconscious beliefs, unconscious memories, as well as patterns of behaviour, lifestyle choices etc. 

But what about emotions? Where do they fit in with patterns? What is the connection? And how do we manage and deal with our negative emotions?

Emotions are often seen as the 'bad boys on the block', something 'bad or wrong'.

Many (even most) people have unconsciously taught themselves to avoid or ignore their emotions, which paradoxically results in them hanging around for days or weeks on end. Many people have no idea it's possible to dissolve and clear emotions in seconds or minutes, rather than hanging on to their frustrations, sadness, fear, hurts or disappointments for months or years. 

In this course you will learn the intimate connection between unhealthy patterns and negative emotions, and how by becoming more aware and masterful of your feelings, you can help the process of dissolving your unhealthy patterns.

"The techniques are simple but amazingly effective. I've really benefited from doing them".

Emotional Freedom Program member.

Course Dates

Part 1 - Emotional Theory (Foundation)

3 sessions in December 2020

Tues 8, 15, 22 December (Monday day before USA / UK)

10am NZT (1pm USA PST / 9pm UK the day before)

Each session is 2 hours plus bonus pre-recorded content

Attend the live class and / or watch in your own time 'on demand'

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Downloadable mp3 audio files of all the sessions, to download and listen to offline, put on your phone etc

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Emotional Freedom Training Part One

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Emotional Freedom Training Part One

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Bonus Live Masterclass

'Manifesting with Qi'

A revolutionary way to manifest your goals and dreams. Create in alignment with your True Self and in harmony with the Tao. Harness the wisdom and support of the universe to achieve your goals with simplicity and ease. 

The first 10 registrants will receive this bonus training! 

"I've been trying to figure out the vagaries of my mood for decades! The content of the course is amazing! It's so comprehensive. It is very understandable. I really liked that you highlight from the outset that this is (unavoidably) spiritual as well as emotional (processing) work". 

Emotional Freedom Program member.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to understand emotions and become more emotionally proficient.

It is ideal for students of Ren Xue and Yuan Gong who:

  • Are wanting to better understand what they are feeling, and how to identify and label emotions at the drop of a hat
  • Are intrigued to learn exactly how and where emotional energy is generated inside the body (eg which organs)
  • Want to understand the connection between emotions, patterns and the survival instincts of the brain (and whole body)
  • Want to understand the root cause of emotional patterns and their connection with patterns of consciousness
  • How to tell the difference between different emotions in order to label and then clear them
  • Want to understand the intimate connection between emotions and patterns of consciousness, and how by improving emotional intelligence they can clear patterns with greater ease
  • Are ready to become emotionally masterful, resulting in a huge lessening for negative emotional responses in the body, eventually leading to an ability to stay 'calm, relaxed and  natural' in all circumstances (emotional mastery)
  • Are ready for freedom from negative emotions: emotional freedom!

"Negative emotions immediately cause harm, firstly to our Qi.  Whether they are bottled up or expressed, the harm will be done immediately. Suppressing unhealthy emotions is not a good way to deal with them; not only can it cause harm to our Qi and body, but over time it can cause a lot of chronic problems and have a long-term effect".

Yuan Tze

What will you learn in this course?

This training will be a thorough introduction and foundation in many aspects of emotional emotional mastery and its connection with the 10 fundamental patterns of consciousness.

Many emotional puzzles will be answered including:

  • What are emotions and why do you experience them? Are they random or do they have an intelligent purpose?
  • Why does your body create 'negative' and 'positive' emotions, and does this mean they are 'good or bad'?
  • Why are some 'positive' emotions harmful to your body (Jing), Qi and Shen (mind, consciousness)?
  • Why are emotions part of your body's inbuilt survival system, and how is stress different from emotions?
  • What is the connection between negative emotions, unconscious beliefs and patterns of consciousness
  • How do emotions drive your personal habits, causing unhealthy lifestyle choices, and how do you turn this around by managing your emotions?

Specifically you will learn:

  • Where different emotions are generated inside the body, and from inside which internal organs
  • Why different organs store and generate different emotions
  • How by clearing different emotions you can heal different organs
  • How different 'emotional conflict themes' are triggered by the brain and what these mean
  • The 6 most harmful emotions which cause physical and emotional toxicity in the body and mind
  • How to stop 'reacting' emotionally and instead start 'responding' in a healthier way
  • The 5 elemental forces of nature and how these are reflected by emotions and in the internal organs
  • How trapped emotions unconsciously create physical symptoms, and the 3 step process this manifests as
  • The difference between 'head' and 'body' emotions, and why you need to know
  • How to take charge of your emotional life from the inside out, and grow your emotional freedom

From a Ren Xue perspective we will cover:

  • The importance and necessity of restoring the 'calm, relaxed, natural state' for developing emotional mastery
  • The connection between negative emotions and patterns of consciousness on the heart and Shen level
  • The connection between 5 Xin and emotions
  • How and why negative emotional patterns are set up by the age of 7
  • The correlation with the 3 Tan Tien and emotions
  • Why cultivating self-awareness and the witness state (Jue Cha) helps to outgrow negative emotions, and how to do this
  • Specific Yuan Gong techniques for self-clearing and alchemizing negative emotions from the body-mind
  • and much more!

For a detailed outline of the 3 part course curriculum, register below and you will be sent more details, including the link for the free introductory webinar.

Are you ready for emotional freedom?

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Steps to Emotional Freedom  

There are a number of steps to achieving emotional freedom:


Step 1 - Understanding (information: being informed)

'We don't know what we don't know... until we know. We are unaware of what we are unaware of... until we become aware. And then we have new choices'

The first step is understanding the meaning and purpose of the emotional feedback, because emotions carry messages and information within them. Emotions are never random!

Emotions are a form of intelligent communication, and once we learn how to understand them, and learn from them, including correlating them with our (unhealthy) patterns of consciousness, they become an opportunity for learning and positive change. We can transform and uplift our consciousness through understanding and clearing our emotions.

The types of uncomfortable ('negative' or harmful) emotions most people typically experience include feelings of anger, frustration, sadness, grief, loneliness, despair, upset, betrayal, fear and more. These emotions are harmful to our body (Jing) and Qi because the vibrational tone causes disturbance at a cellular / chemical level in the cells, tissues and organs. This has been well researched in the field of 'psycho-neuro-immunology' - how our psyche (emotions, thoughts, beliefs, memories, patterns) affects our neurology (brain, nervous system) and immune system (endocrine system and many different organ systems in the body). When we understand that we are a 'totality' and that whatever happens on one level of our being (eg, mind, emotions) affects every other level simultaneously (eg physical, energy), this all makes sense. 

As we become more emotionally literate, we understand how and why emotions are triggered, and their original cause, which almost always goes back to the first years of life, when we were unconsciously conditioned into our own patterns of emotional responsiveness during childhood. Connecting the dots from childhood to adulthood opens our eyes to the knee-jerk response patterns we often have with our emotions, paving the way to greater freedom. 

Step 2 - Growing Awareness (Jue Cha)

Unfortunately many of us have unconsciously become experts at ignoring our feelings, and there are many reasons for this (which we will explore in depth in the course). But ignoring, avoiding or suppressing emotions is not healthy, and leads to a myriad of problems, including anxiety (an 'overload' of many emotions), depression (the unconscious 'de-pressing' of uncomfortable emotions), physical symptoms (when 'dis-ease becomes disease'), general unhappiness, life problems and more.

In step 2 we increase our awareness of our emotions - our 'emotional literacy'. This includes growing self-awareness of what we are feeling inside and learning to navigate our emotional internal 'feedback' system at an experiential level. We are then are able to notice, identify and label our feelings, both 'good' and 'bad', and also know what steps to take to transform unhealthy toxic emotions so they no longer harm us. 

Step 3 - Clearing and transformation

The next step is learning how to clear uncomfortable emotions from our body-mind in a safe and effective way, without causing further harm. Having already built greater understanding and awareness in steps 1 and 2, we are now ready to take action in a healthy and constructive way. We are now ready to learn how to consciously transform the negative emotional energy and unhealthy patterns. We are ready to go beyond our old patterns and paradigm, as we energetically, mentally, physically and emotionally purify ourselves of old toxic Qi (energy and information). As we do so, we begin to experience ourselves in a completely new way: emotional responses lessen, and in their place we experience more joy and peace. We begin to experience emotional freedom. 

"If I could tell someone about this course, I would tell them how much it has helped me. I'd love to shout about it from the rooftops! I know how people are hesitant at spending money on themselves, but I would hope to help them see how important their health is and look at the bigger picture". 

Emotional Freedom Program member.

Emotions: good or bad?

Emotions (e-motion: aka 'energy in motion') are automatically and instinctually generated inside us in response to what is going on in our life and the environment... until and unless we learn how to transcend this basic animal instinct consciousness so that we are no longer controlled by unhealthy emotions - which we can learn to do.

Humans experience what they call 'positive and negative' emotions. Actually (as we learn on our journey to emotional freedom) there is no such thing as a 'good or bad' emotion: these labels are man-made. But there is a difference in how different emotions make us feel; in other words, some emotions make us feel good, and some make us feel 'bad'. Or we could say, some emotions are 'comfortable' and others are 'uncomfortable'.

There is a reason why this is so but until we learn that emotions are an intelligent form of communication within the body, giving us vital information which can lead us to greater happiness (or not, if we ignore them), we will tend to think of 'negative' emotions as 'bad' - because they make us 'feel' bad. 

Emotional responses are usually triggered in response to external events, ie, people or situations, as well as in response to 'internal events' - ie, our thoughts, beliefs, memories and (unhealthy) patterns of consciousness.

The hidden intelligence of emotions

Why are 'negative' emotions 'intelligent'?

Because they are part of an inbuilt feedback system within the body, letting us know something is not right. They are also a form of communication which needs interpreting and acting upon in an intelligent way.

As we grow our emotional intelligence and learn how to 'alchemize' (transform) e-motional energy, we no longer have to experience the unpleasant effects of 'negative' emotions. Instead, we transcend the need to experience the unconscious habit of negative emotional responses. This is emotional freedom

Consequences of unhealthy emotions

Unfortunately (and fortunately as I shall also explain), negative-feeling emotions can cause havoc in our life.

When the vibration of emotions such as anger, hate, fear, grief, loneliness and more interact with the cells, tissues and organs inside our body, they create a dissonance which causes the molecules and cells to lose their natural, healthy frequency. We often forget that at our core, we are electro-magnetic beings, resonating to and with certain frequencies. Unhealthy emotions rewire our cells into a state of dis-ease, which if left unresolved, will eventually turn into some form of disease, whether this be mental or physical. Many chronic illnesses can be traced back to unresolved emotional hurts and unhealthy emotional patterns. In addition, hanging on to unprocessed emotional energy makes us feel bad - in other words blocked sadness will keep us sad, blocked anger will keep us angry etc. Learning to clear unhealthy emotional energy is critical for our overall health and wellbeing. The way out is to develop emotional freedom.

So why is it 'fortunate' or good that we experience 'negative' emotions? Because if we didn't, we wouldn't know that something wasn't right for us. Many emotions are part of the natural intelligence system of the body, for example, alerting us to create better boundaries, or take better care of ourselves. For example, if we overdo it, work too hard, ignore our needs for rest and care, our body will communicate this to us via internal feedback of anger and frustration. This is part of the positive feedback cycle of emotions. However, even though many 'negative' emotions have a 'positive' purpose, ultimately in our journey of emotional freedom, as we cultivate more positive virtues (including the 5 essential qualities of the heart) inside of us, and clear our unhealthy patterns, we will go beyond the need for the body to feedback negative emotions, either as positive or negative feedback. 

Emotional Freedom

A clear pathway for clearing and transforming emotions which cause harm.

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About Kim

Kim has been studying Emotional Intelligence for 30 years, and learning Qigong for more than 20 years. Her very first Qigong lesson was learning how negative emotions cause unhappiness and physical illness! Finally she found the missing pieces as to why she was had experienced years of severe depression and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). 

Since then she has explored emotions in depth, completing over 20,000 hours professional training in EI and Qigong in order to improve her life, and help others.

She is the founder of the Emotional Alchemy Academy, dedicated to mastering emotions in all levels of life, and the Director of Tao Health Qigong - both of which are branches of The Art of Health.

'Non beneficial behaviours and self-harming lifestyle habits are the outward manifestation of unhealthy patterns of consciousness. Emotions are the glue which hold the patterns in place'.