Emotional Freedom Training

Set yourself free from unhealthy emotions and patterns of consciousness.

with EI Trainer and Ren Xue Teacher Kim Knight

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Is this you?

Do emotions disturb your inner peace?

  • Do you often or ever experience feelings of sadness, disappointment, upset, anger, betrayal, frustration, loneliness, fear or other unwanted emotions - they make you 'feel bad' but you don't quite know what to do to get rid of them?
  • Do you find it difficult to deal with your feelings, and end up pushing them away, swallowing them, ignoring them, hoping they will go away, but then feeling grumpy and out of sorts for days because they're still churning around inside?
  • When something happens to upset you, do you get stuck in a 'story' in your head of what should or shouldn't have happened, stealing your inner peace for days or weeks?
  • Do you find yourself holding all your unexpressed feelings inside, but then sooner or later exploding when everything gets too much and you cannot take any more?
  • Does your brain shut down and go into 'brain freeze' when people are unkind or disrespectful, but you don't know how to respond or stand your ground?
  • Do you find yourself experiencing annoying repeated 'knee-jerk' emotional responses over similar events happening in your life and no matter how hard you try, the same response happens over and over again (eg getting angry about stuff)?
  • Do certain people 'push your buttons' leaving you feeling upset and unsettled for hours, days or even weeks?
  • Are your unprocessed feelings causing digestive disturbances, 'upsetting' you, making you 'feel sick to your stomach with worry'?
  • Is your unresolved emotional turmoil keeping you awake at night, causing you to feel exhausted the next day, day after day?
  • Would you like to know how to get rid of unwanted emotions quickly, easily, safely and efficiently?

If so, this course will help you turn all all of this around!

'Non beneficial behaviours and self-harming lifestyle habits are the outward manifestation of unhealthy patterns of consciousness. Emotions are the glue which hold the patterns in place'.

Kim Knight, EI Trainer - Ren Xue Teacher

3 Steps to

Emotional Freedom

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Emotions and Patterns

There is no greater freedom than being able to free oneself of one’s patterns of consciousness and emotional patterning.

In Ren Xue we talk a lot about 'patterns' and the need to dissolve the unhealthy patterns of consciousness (which constitute our 'false self') in order to rediscover our True Self. 

We could say that patterns have a lot to do with thoughts, habits of thinking, unconscious beliefs, unconscious memories, as well as patterns of behaviour, lifestyle choices etc. 

But what about emotions? Where do they fit in with patterns? What is the connection? And how do we manage and deal with our negative emotions?

Emotions are often seen as the 'bad boys on the block', something 'bad or wrong'.

Many (even most) people have unconsciously taught themselves to avoid or ignore their emotions, which paradoxically results in them hanging around for days or weeks on end. Many people have no idea it's possible to dissolve and clear emotions in seconds or minutes, rather than hanging on to their frustrations, sadness, fear, hurts or disappointments for months or years. 

In this course you will learn the intimate connection between unhealthy patterns and negative emotions, and how by becoming more aware and masterful of your feelings, you can help the process of dissolving your unhealthy patterns.

"The techniques are simple but amazingly effective. I've really benefited from doing them".

Emotional Freedom Program member.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to understand emotions and become more emotionally proficient.

It is ideal for students of Ren Xue and Yuan Gong who:

  • Are wanting to better understand what they are feeling, and how to identify and label emotions at the drop of a hat
  • Are intrigued to learn exactly how and where emotional energy is generated inside the body (eg which organs)
  • Want to understand the connection between emotions, patterns and the survival instincts of the brain (and whole body)
  • Want to understand the root cause of emotional patterns and their connection with patterns of consciousness
  • How to tell the difference between different emotions in order to label and then clear them
  • Want to understand the intimate connection between emotions and patterns of consciousness, and how by improving emotional intelligence they can clear patterns with greater ease
  • Are ready to become emotionally masterful, resulting in a huge lessening for negative emotional responses in the body, eventually leading to an ability to stay 'calm, relaxed and  natural' in all circumstances (emotional mastery)
  • Are ready for freedom from negative emotions: emotional freedom!

About Kim

Kim has been studying Emotional Intelligence for 30 years, and learning Qigong for more than 20 years. Her very first Qigong lesson was learning how negative emotions cause unhappiness and physical illness! Finally she found the missing pieces as to why she was had experienced years of severe depression and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). 

Since then she has explored emotions in depth, completing over 20,000 hours professional training in EI and Qigong in order to improve her life, and help others.

She is the founder of the Emotional Alchemy Academy, dedicated to mastering emotions in all levels of life, and the Director of Tao Health Qigong - both of which are branches of The Art of Health.