A Path to Self-Realization and Wisdom

Ren Xue and Yuan Gong: a safe, effective path for uplifting your life and bringing positive change to the world.

Free Introductory 'Creative Manifestation' Course

In this free training, you will be taken on a guided meditation journey to co-create a better world based on heart-centred values of love, gratitude, generosity, compassion... The training includes instruction on 'gathering Qi' and 'building Qi fields', and also includes access to the 'Foundation Ren Xue and Yuan Gong' program.

Free Introductory Training

The 4 Treasures of Life

Underneath all your desires for worldly possessions and achievements, you will find the 4 treasures of life - the real gold you are seeking.


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Workshops and Classes

Ongoing and upcoming workshops and classes with Kim: online DIY, group trainings and in person.

Ren Xue and Yuan Gong

A Brief Introduction

Ren Xue is a Chinese term which translates as 'the science of becoming a true human being'. Ren Xue is a modern school of wisdom culture founded on ancient tried and tested philosophies passed down for centuries from master to student. 

The goal and philosophy of Ren Xue is to become the best version of yourself, bearing in mind that presently most of humanity are only accessing and using approximately 10% of their potential! In Ren Xue you learn how to access and develop the latent abilities of your body, mind and spirit, in order to improve your health and wellbeing, as well as uplift your consciousness and intelligence.

Yuan Gong is the system of Qigong exercises which sit within the Ren Xue system of learning, providing the path to develop self-realization, health, wisdom and a true sense of wellbeing which stem from within, irrespective of outer circumstances. Yuan Gong is a 9-step pyramid of 9 different Qigong 'methods' which you learn and practice to bring about deep, lasting internal change. As you practice Yuan Gong, your health will improve, illness of all kinds can be dissolved, your clarity of mind and creativity increases, you begin to experience authentic inner peace, and so much more.

Yuan Gong is a self-help method which transforms your being on every level: body, mind and spirit. Withing just one week of practice you can notice positive changes.

Learn more about Ren Xue and Yuan Gong

The 9 Methods of Yuan Gong

An overview of the 9 methods and levels of Yuan Gong for unlocking the '4 treasures of life'.

Ren Xue / Yuan Gong

Overview of the Ren Xue system of wisdom learning, health practices and self-development founded by Master Yuan Tze. 

Ren Xue and Yuan Gong

Online Study Courses

Uplift and transform your life. Comprehensive online study courses and group training programs to learn and practice the Yuan Gong methods. 

Online Study Courses

Instructor Kim Knight

Introduction to Yuan Gong instructor Kim Knight. Read her story of overcoming chronic illness and transforming her life for the better through Qigong.

Kim Knight - Qigong Teacher

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