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Heavenly Qigong Taster Class

Friday 9th July 4-5pm Queenstown

Come and experience a 'taste' of 'Heavenly Qigong' - the first method of Yuan Gong, a brand new Qigong system for a new era. Ancient wisdom for a modern world. Online registration only, check the earlybird special! 

Class Details and Registration

Tian Yuan 'Heavenly' Qigong Workshop Series

4 Week Training Series 16 July - 6 August 2021 Queenstown

Learn the complete method of Tian Yuan 'Heavenly Qigong', plus the supplementary exercise 'QIgong Squats. 4 Week training series which includes 4 in-person classes, 4 online zoom practice sessions, student manual, full theory and practice tuition with master instructor Kim Knight. 

Class Details and Registration

"By the end of this wonderful workshop, I was breathing fully, deeply and unencumbered, with a strong sense of being earthed and connected to all. Kim held a safe, nurturing space and has the ability to clearly describe the more subtle aspects of life energy"

"I have learnt much more about how my body feels from the inside, and also increased my loving connection with individual organs. It helped me to be kinder to my body. Kim is a skillful and passionate presenter, with an excellent professional approach. Thanks! "

"I feel really great after the exercises. It makes me feel more relaxed, and it’s helped me a lot physically and mentally with my health"

Kim Knight - Yuan Gong Qigong Instructor

Greetings! Welcome to my events page, where you will find details of upcoming live trainings, either in person or online.

I've been studying and using Qigong for my health since 2000, and I wouldn't be without it. It is one of the most powerful self-help and health maintenance techniques I have ever come across, and I am deeply grateful for these techniques. 

I love sharing information and strategies which you can use to uplift and improve your life. Ren Xue Yuan Gong give you the ability to work on all levels of your being simultaneously (mind, body, spirit) and is a true totality healing method. 

I look forward to sharing these techniques with you.

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