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11 Principles of Healing

Free Webinar

4th October 2022 NZT (day before USA / UK)

Discover the incredible self-healing powers of your body-mind in this introductory class.

Date / Time / Registration

Free Global Awakening Day Bundle

A bundle of specialness to celebrate Global Awakening Day 2nd Oct 2022:
'Creative Manifestation' meditation, guided Yuan Gong practice, 'Already Free' Film and free Live Healing Webinar.

Access Here

Free Patterns Recognition Classes - June-Oct 2022

How do you recognize your unhealthy patterns of consciousness? Self-awareness and observation is key. Come and discover your personal patterns and start setting yourself free. 

Details and Registration

'Re-learning to Trust' Online Workshop Series - March 2021

A series of online trainings on how to rediscover your natural ability to trust. Practical, proven, hands-on strategies for eliminating old habits of doubt, fear, worry, anxiety and 'worst-case-scenario' thinking. Transform your ability to live in trust in just a few short weeks.

Available on Demand

Emotional Freedom - Dec 2020

How to dissolve emotional patterning in the context of transforming unhealthy patterns of consciousness. 

Available on Demand

10 Day Squats for Health Challenge - 2020

Learn a simple, easy, effective Qigong exercise for restoring peace and harmony to your body in just 10 minutes a day. 

Available on Demand

Creative Manifestation Course

Aug-Sept 2021

Manifest your goals and dreams with a unique blend of guided meditation, creative visualization, and harnessing the infinite potential of Qi. 

Learn how to manifest what you need and want in your life, in alignment with your higher Self, for the highest good of all.

Available on Demand

Ling Yuan 'Transformation of Patterns' Training - 2020

We are ruled by our patterns of consciousness, which are the result of life events, human nature, unconscious beliefs, childhood conditioning and more. By changing your patterns you directly change your destiny.

Available on Demand

Change your Patterns, Change your Destiny - Full Training (Tong Yuan + Ling Yuan) - 2020

A comprehensive and deep theoretical and practical study and exploration of Tong Yuan 'cultivating the 5 essential qualities of the heart' and Ling Yuan 'transforming the patterns of consciousness'. 

Available on Demand

AWAKEN Free Online Summit

October 2021

18+ teachers of wisdom share the urgency and necessity of humanity to wake up to our 'True Self' if we are to transform our world and solve our collective problems.

Awakening and self-realization, in order to reach high levels of wisdom, are the goals of the Ren Xue practices. Kim is a long-time student and teacher of Ren Xue.

Available soon on Demand

Learn Tian Yuan in Wanaka!

Half day Tian Yuan Qigong workshop in Wanaka. Friday 11 September 2020

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Manifesting with Qi Masterclass

In this masterclass you will learn how to manifest your goals and dreams in an easy, efficient, effortless manner, whilst making sure you are in harmony with the Tao. When we manifest in this way we work in alignment with our True Self for our highest good, surrendering to the best possible outcome for all. 

Available on Demand

"By the end of this wonderful workshop, I was breathing fully, deeply and unencumbered, with a strong sense of being earthed and connected to all. Kim held a safe, nurturing space and has the ability to clearly describe the more subtle aspects of life energy"

"I have learnt much more about how my body feels from the inside, and also increased my loving connection with individual organs. It helped me to be kinder to my body. Kim is a skillful and passionate presenter, with an excellent professional approach. Thanks! "

"I feel really great after the exercises. It makes me feel more relaxed, and it’s helped me a lot physically and mentally with my health"

Kim Knight - Yuan Gong Qigong Instructor

Greetings! Welcome to my events page, where you will find details of upcoming live trainings, either in person or online.

I've been studying and using Qigong for my health since 2000, and I wouldn't be without it. It is one of the most powerful self-help and health maintenance techniques I have ever come across, and I am deeply grateful for these techniques. 

I love sharing information and strategies which you can use to uplift and improve your life. Ren Xue Yuan Gong give you the ability to work on all levels of your being simultaneously (mind, body, spirit) and is a true totality healing method. 

I look forward to sharing these techniques with you.

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