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Ren Xue and Yuan Gong give you the opportunity to transform your life beyond your wildest dreams.

Ren Xue / Yuan Gong

Overview of the Ren Xue system of wisdom learning, health practices and self-development founded by Master Yuan Tze. 

Ren Xue and Yuan Gong

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Uplift and transform your life. Comprehensive online study courses and group training programs to learn and practice the Yuan Gong methods. 

Online Study Courses

Instructor Kim Knight

Introduction to Yuan Gong instructor Kim Knight. Read her story of overcoming chronic illness and transforming her life for the better through Qigong.

Kim Knight - Qigong Teacher

What is Ren Xue and Yuan Gong?

A Brief Introduction

Ren Xue is a Chinese term which translates as 'the science of becoming a true human being'. Ren Xue is a modern school of wisdom culture founded on ancient tried and tested philosophies passed down for centuries from master to student. 

The goal and philosophy of Ren Xue is to become the best version of yourself, bearing in mind that presently most of humanity are only accessing and using approximately 10% of their potential! In Ren Xue you learn how to access and develop the latent abilities of your body, mind and spirit, in order to improve your health and wellbeing, as well as uplift your consciousness and intelligence.

Yuan Gong is the system of Qigong exercises which sit within the Ren Xue system of learning, providing the path to develop self-realization, health, wisdom and a true sense of wellbeing which stem from within, irrespective of outer circumstances. Yuan Gong is a 9-step pyramid of 9 different Qigong 'methods' which you learn and practice to bring about deep, lasting internal change. As you practice Yuan Gong, your health will improve, illness of all kinds can be dissolved, your clarity of mind and creativity increases, you begin to experience authentic inner peace, and so much more.

Yuan Gong is a self-help method which transforms your being on every level: body, mind and spirit. Withing just one week of practice you can notice positive changes.

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The 9 Methods of Yuan Gong

The 9 methods which dovetail together to form the complete Yuan Gong system.

Tian Yuan

Tian Yuan is the first method in the system. It shows you how to increase the quality and quantity of Qi (energy) in your body. 

More on Tian Yuan

Di Yuan

Di Yuan is the second method and shows you how to store the Qi you have gathered, as well as develop centering and stillness of mind. 

More on Di Yuan

Ren Yuan

Ren Yuan enables, supports and unblocks the flow of Qi in the channels (meridiens) of the body, clearing illness, enhancing health and increasing wellbeing. 

More on Ren Yuan

Xia Yuan

Xia Yuan strengthens the Qi of the major internal organs (heart, lungs, liver, stomach, kidneys etc) and clears negative emotions stored in the organs (fear, sadness, anger, frustration, hurt etc).

More on Xia Yuan

Zhong Yuan

Zhong Yuan is a Still (sitting) Qigong method which uses a special breathing technique to bring inner transformation. Its purpose is to open specific energy pathways in the body to create inner transformation.

More on Zhong Yuan

Shang Yuan

Shang Yuan is a natural continuation of Zhong Yuan and is a still (sitting) Qigong method for opening more energy pathways (meridiens) in the torso, legs and arms. 

More on Shang Yuan

Tong Yuan

Tong Yuan is a still (sitting) Qigong method specifically for cultivating the 5 'Xin' qualities of the heart in order to create a truly 'open heart'. Developing these qualities is essential for true health and wellbeing. 

More on Tong Yuan

Ling Yuan

Ling Yuan, the eighth method is a still (sitting) Qigong method used to transform and upgrade unhealthy patterns of the consciousness, replacing old ways of thinking and believing with new healthy, life-affirming patterns of consciousness. 

More on Ling Yuan

Ming Yuan

Ming Yuan, the ninth method is used to approach the true self during a continuous state of self-observation (Jue Cha) and thereby achieve greater self-realization and wisdom.

More on Ming Yuan

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