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From Patterns to Peace

Discover and gain clarity on the unconscious unhealthy 'patterns of consciousness' which keep you stuck in ongoing suffering. Take steps to free yourself of your 'false self' so your 'True Self' can shine through and guide you more and more. 

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What are 'unhealthy patterns of consciousness', and why would you want to clear them?

In order to understand patterns, we must first understand human nature. 

Survival and safety are the greatest basic need for humans. As humans evolved we needed to be able to make quick judgements and decisions. Gradually these abilities became ‘human instincts', or ‘basic instincts’ - human nature. 

If we were to summarize all human needs and patterns in one sentence, we could say  “to seek benefit (interest) and avoid harm, to seek simplicity (easy solutions) and avoid complexity (hard work)”.

Unfortunately many people are operating from their basic instincts in an unhealthy way. ie, engaging in repeated unhealthy thoughts, emotional responses and behaviours which cause harm to self or others. This creates ongoing suffering individually and for humanity as a whole, as well as preventing us evolve in consciousness or improve life.

Collectively we can also say that our unhealthy patterns of consciousness constitute our 'false self'. When our false self is leading the way,  we are operating from a place of 'ignorance'. 

When on the other hand we transform and release our unhealthy patterns and ignorance, this allows our 'True Self' to guide us in life. The True Self is always present, but inhibited by the presence of patterns (false self). 

How do you change and transform unhealthy patterns of consciousness?

The first step is recognition ('re-cognition') of the patterns which are playing out in your consciousness.

How do we recognize unhealthy patterns which cause suffering?

'Unhealthy patterns' play out in many ways inside our head, and in through our behaviours and habits.

They can manifest as thoughts, beliefs, habitual ways of thinking, ‘stories’, future worries, past regrets, fears, emotional triggering, as well as repeated actions and habits.

Patterns keep us trapped in old ways of being, like living in a 'groundhog' existence, and keep us separate from our 'True Self'. 

Patterns cause mental, emotional and physical suffering - it is only as we dissolve our unconscious patterns that we can start to experience true freedom, along with the manifestation of the true treasures of life (health, happiness, wellbeing, self-realization, wisdom and ability to truly contribute to humanity in an authentic way).

Learning to identify and clear our patterns is key for dissolving the 'false self' so that our True Self can manifest to guide us in life.

Patterns Recognition Sessions

In these free ‘patterns recognition’ sessions with Kim, you will be guided to explore and discover your own personal patterns, which are ‘off-shoots’ of the 10 fundamental and 20 supplementary patterns laid out in the Ren Xue system.

Each session we will explore a different pattern, so you can become much clearer on how that particular pattern plays out in your life. 

Patterns Clearing Sessions

Once you have started the ‘patterns recognition’ sessions you will have the opportunity to join the ‘patterns clearing’ classes for transforming and clearing the patterns at their core.

The 'patterns clearing' classes are available in a low-cost monthly membership subscription, and will include a comprehensive workbook, as well as access to session replays, downloadable mp3 recordings and some special bonuses too! 

Details of the ‘patterns clearing’ classes will be given when you join the ‘patterns recognition’ sessions.

Replays / Recordings

Note re replays and recordings. 

The ‘patterns recognition’ classes are free to anyone attending the live sessions. They are not available to watch on-demand unless you enrol in the ‘patterns clearing’ classes

The teaching and guidance given during the ‘patterns recognition’ classes will be available to watch on demand (on replay) if you register for the low-cost monthly membership ‘patterns clearing’ classes.

The recordings of both the 'recognition' and 'clearing' classes will be available to those who enrol in the patterns clearing classes in a private online portal for on demand viewing, available to watch and make use of as long as you like, including mp3 audio recordings to download and keep.

Details of the patterns clearing classes will be given when you enrol in the ‘patterns recognition’ classes. 


The live ‘patterns recognition’ classes are free for anyone to attend.

There is a minimal and very affordable monthly membership fee for the ‘patterns clearing’ classes, details of which will be given during the ‘patterns recognition’ classes.

Scroll down for a clear description of the difference between the patterns 'recognition' and 'clearing' classes. 

Patterns Recognition Classes | Patterns Clearing Classes

What is the difference between the 'patterns recognition' and 'patterns clearing' classes?

The following will help clarify:

Pattern Recognition Classes

  • The 'patterns recognition' classes are for helping you become aware of your personal patterns, and how they relate and interconnect with the 10 fundamental and 20 supplementary patterns of consciousness (as outlined in the Ren Xue system).
  • The 'patterns recognition' classes help you identify the unhealthy patterns of consciousness that run amok in your mind, leading you to think, feel and behave in certain ways, which ultimately keep us in a loop of suffering.
  • The 'patterns recognition' classes are free to attend if you are attending the live classes.
  • We could say the 'patterns recognition' classes constitute the 'theory' aspect of transforming patterns. 
  • Enrolment in the 'patterns recognition' live classes is free. 

 Pattern Clearing Classes

  • The 'patterns clearing' classes constitute the 'practical implementation' aspect of actually transforming the unhealthy patterns you have identified you want to change.
  • The 'patterns clearing' classes include training in the 'Ling Yuan' 8 step technique for transforming patterns at their core
  • The 'patterns clearing' classes will also include many other teachings on Ling Yuan theory and practice, as well as referencing Tong Yuan 'heart consciousness' transformation theory.
  • Enrolment in the 'patterns clearing' classes will include a comprehensive workbook which gives you the ability to identify and cross-reference many different aspects of patterns.
  • Enrolment to the 'patterns clearing' classes includes 24/7 online access to a private membership portal where all the teachings are stored, accessible for as long as your subscription remains current, and you can cancel anytime.
  • The 'patterns clearing' classes constitute the 'practical' aspect of changing patterns, and is where you will see the most tangible results in your life. 

Details of the patterns clearing classes will be explained in the ‘patterns recognition’ classes. 


The live ‘patterns recognition’ classes are free for anyone to attend.

There is a minimal and very affordable fee for the ‘patterns clearing’ classes, details of which will be given during the ‘patterns recognition’ classes.

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About Kim

Hi! I've been learning Qigong since 2000, and studying with Yuan Tze (founder of Ren Xue) since 2009. I'm a level 6 fully certified Ren Xue Yuan Gong teacher, and fully committed to the 'Zi Du Du Ren' philosophy of 'uplift yourself, uplift others'. I particularly enjoy working on clearing patterns of consciousness, including the mind and heart consciousness. You can read more about my journey with Qigong on my website