Deepen Trust

Level 3 of the Trust Series

Learn a special meditation for growing trust deep in your heart.

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Video: Introduction and overview of Deepening Trust course

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What people say:

I have so enjoyed your Trust series! It is so relevant to me working on Trust at the moment. It is the little everyday incidents that happen in my life where I lacked Trust.

I love you sharing your own examples as a way of helping us to understand what lack of Trust is. Your comment that 'everything that has happened in my life & everything that is happening now, was / is meant to happen' is very freeing.  Although I have heard this before it's something that doesn’t come to my mind  when challenges happen in every day life, and I tend to get caught up in the story or patterns.

Your way of presenting the series is so easy to understand and I am beginning to have more awareness now to bring Trust into my everyday life when the unexpected happens.  

Deepen (Regrow) Trust Training


In this on demand watch anytime training, which you can enroll in as part of the full trust series, or by itself, you will:

  • Explore what trust is and isn't, and how to tell if you are in a state of trust... or not
  • Learn the signs and symptoms of trust and a lack of trust, so you know when you need to bring yourself back on track to your natural state of trust
  • Learn a simple yet profound meditation for re-growing deep feelings of trust deep in your heart, which you can practice daily for years to come to deepen your internal experience of trust
  • Explore what it means to 'surrender' to your 'True Self', trusting implicitly in that part of you beyond your personality self

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The Trust Series

The 'Trust Series' encompasses 3 levels of hands-on, guided, practical trainings with Qigong trainer Kim Knight. 

Level 1 - A Taste of Trust - Free Introductory Training

Learn how trust is lost and won, includes a guided meditation to experience 'a taste of trust'

Level 2: Rediscover Trust 

Learn and practice 3 special techniques for stopping fear, uncertainty, doubt and worry. 

Level 3: Deepen (Regrow) Trust 

Once you have completed the level 1 and 2 trainings, now it's time to learn and practice a special meditation technique for growing and deepening true trust in your heart. 

Take each level by itself and then move on to the next if you want.