Di Yuan

Second Method of Yuan Gong

Di Yuan 'Earthly' Method

Di Yuan is the second method in the Yuan Gong system of Qigong.

The practice of Tian Yuan (the first method) allows you to gather in Universal Qi, and once gathered it needs to be converted to your own personal Qi and impregnated with your own information.

Di Yuan allows your body to store the Qi so that it can be used by the body. 

When practising Di Yuan, you use the breath and consciousness together to focus on the three Dantians (Qi-centres in the body) in turn.

Lower Dantian supports the physical body and its movements, Middle Dantian the organs and Upper Dantian the consciousness.

Demonstration of Di Yuan

Pre-requisites for Di Yuan

Di Yuan is the second method in the Yuan Gong system. There are no pre-requisites for learning it although it's advisable to learn Tian Yuan alongside it.


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