Ling Yuan

Eighth Method of Yuan Gong

Ling Yuan: Transforming the Patterns of Consciousness

Pre-requisite: Tong Yuan (seventh method)

Ling Yuan, the eighth method is a meditative Qigong technique which helps you to process and change patterns of consciousness.

During our life, we develop 'patterns', or habits, to be able to meet and handle everyday events and situations in a simple and fairly standardized manner.

If you can imagine, if we were unable to create 'patterns' in our brain, known as habits or habitual patterns of behaviour, we would have to re-learn every skill every day of our life! To make things easy, our brain learns how to develop patterns so that actions become habitual. 

Unfortunately, some patterns are not so healthy and can be 'life-depleting, even causing us harm. 

In Ling Yuan, we explore and process these patterns, learning how to identify and replace them with better ones.

The result is that we create newer healthier patterns of consciousness, which leads to greater enjoyment of life, better health and more success, as we come to live more and more in accordance with our 'True Self' and the laws of life.

Note: in order to learn Ling Yuan, it's advisable to have learned and applied Tong Yuan for at least a few months first. 

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9 Levels of Yuan Gong

Ling Yuan is the 8th method. Pre-requisite: Tong Yuan 7th method.


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