Ren Yuan

Third Method of Yuan Gong

Ren Yuan

Ren Yuan is the third method of Yuan Gong, and an innovation in Qigong development. It has its roots in traditional and modern Qigong, along with a wide range of disciplines including traditional Chinese medicine, Taiji, martial arts, anatomy, physiology and sports science. The design of the method is inspired by the natural circular and spiral movements of many astronomical bodies in the universe.

Ren Yuan enables and supports the flow of Qi in the Qi channels of the body. When Qi and blood flow smoothly and harmoniously together, we feel refreshed and light.

When the method is performed correctly, the movements are initiated by a light awareness of the consciousness. This awareness activates and directs Qi to move in the desired direction, this in turn leads to physical movements. This way the movements will flow without effort and you will feel weightless; everything will flow naturally. Any discomfort and pain will disappear. How does it work? Say you want to move your hand. To do this, firstly you need to unify with your Qi and body and get into a very calm state, then have the light intention of "raising your hand". Qi will then be activated automatically and will raise your hand.

The method is perceived by most practitioners as appealing and delightful; time seems to pass quickly. After some time practising becomes very enjoyable like a pleasant dance. The benefits are evident even when first starting to practice the third method.

Ren Yuan opens up and allows Qi to flow in the channels and it builds physical strength; it strengthens tendons, muscles and bones. The practice also helps create mental strength with the mind, body and Qi supporting each other and working as an integrated unit. As a result, the mind becomes calm and focused.

Demonstration of Ren Yuan

Pre-requisities for Ren Yuan

Ren Yuan is the third method in the Yuan Gong system. There are no pre-requisites for learning it, although it's sometimes useful to learn Tian Yuan first.


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