Shang Yuan

Sixth Method of Yuan Gong

Shang Yuan

Shang Yuan follows on from Zhong Yuan, the fifth method.

It is for opening the Central Line in the torso, legs and arms. When the Central Line is open, the consciousness is expected to influence Qi at the level of one’s genes.

Good preparation, diligent practice and dedication are required to gradually make progress with the fifth and sixth methods. The important foundational base must first be created, followed by persistent effort to open the many channels before the Central Channel is opened, and even more effort is required to develop the Central Line.

Those who are versed in Qigong or Yoga know it's invaluable to open the main channels. They often practice meditation to get there directly. Yuan Tze who has worked long and deeply in this area has not seen anyone succeed using this approach. There are no shortcuts; it is impossible to skip the first five methods and go directly to the sixth method. Everything should be prepared and practiced in the right way, with understanding at consciousness level and true conviction and reverence. We simply have to follow the laws of life.

Pre-requisities for Shang Yuan

Zhong Yuan is the sixth method in the Yuan Gong system. As this is an advanced technique, there are pre-requisites, which will be explained to you when you learn other fundamental methods.


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