Tian Yuan

First Method of Yuan Gong

Video Demonstration of Tian Yuan

Tian Yuan, or 'Heavenly Qigong', teaches you how to gather Qi from the universe for self-healing. It is very calming and re-energizing at the same time. It is easy to learn, effective and safe.


Tian Yuan 'Heavenly' Method

Tian Yuan, also known as 'flying Qigong', due to the arm movements which mimic a bird flying in the sky, is the first method in the 9 level Yuan Gong system.

When practising Tian Yuan, we use the mind together with physical movements to achieve a strong exchange of Qi with the universe. The body, mind and Qi become connected at a deep level and the state becomes calm and relaxed, focused and harmonious.

Tian Yuan is simple to learn. A short three hour course could be sufficient to enable you to start to a practice. Tian Yuan is very pleasant to practice; it is like a joyous meditation in motion - flying in freedom.

The method helps to effectively clear blockages in the body, , especially in areas such as the shoulders and neck where most adults have blockages due to stress.

Continuous practice of Tian Yuan improves health and also lays the foundation for further Yuan Qigong learning.

Tian Yuan First Method

Tian Yuan is the first method in the Yuan Gong system. There are no pre-requisites for learning it.


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