Tong Yuan

Seventh Method of Yuan Gong

Tong Yuan: Cultivate the 5 Essential Qualities of the Heart

'Tong' can be translated as 'barrier free' or 'free moving'. Tong Yuan is a still Qigong method (meditation) for creating a 'barrier-free heart'.

In order to experience authentic happiness and health, we must have an energetically 'open' heart. In order to achieve this, we need to cultivate what are called the 5 'Xin' qualities of the heart: Trust, Openness, Love, Gratitude and Gong Jing (a composite word for humility, respect, compassion and other qualities).

Tong Yuan is a simple meditation technique for cultivating positive uplifting qualities of the heart and reducing the opposite qualities, such as fear and other negative emotions,n as well as a host of other negative qualities we no longer want. 

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9 Levels of Yuan Gong

Tong Yuan is the 7th method. No prerequisites.


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