Xia Yuan

Fourth Method of Yuan Gong

Xia Yuan

Xia Yuan strengthens the Qi of the major internal organs (heart, lungs, liver, stomach, kidneys etc), optimizing their function and improving overall health.

Xia Yuan also clears and harmonizes negative emotions which are stored in the organs (fear, sadness, anger, frustration, hurt etc).

The health of the organs is essential for one’s overall health. Poorly functioning organs can affect the whole body and give rise to many diseases. Continuous practice of Xia Yuan invigorates and balances all the organs in the body and can significantly raise the level of one’s health.

Xia Yuan uses a combination of consciousness activities, movements, sounds and colour visualization to activate Qi in several key organs in the body – the liver, heart, spleen, lungs and kidneys. It is easy to learn and the movements, breathing and sounds make Xia Yuan a pleasant method to practice.

Demonstration of Xia Yuan

Pre-requisities for Xia Yuan

Xia Yuan is the fourth method in the Yuan Gong system. There are no pre-requisites for learning it, although it's useful and beneficial to learn Tian Yuan and Ren Yuan first.


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