Zhong Yuan

Fifth Method of Yuan Gong

Zhong Yuan

Zhong Yuan is a Still Qigong method and its main purpose is to open the central channel of the body. From the start, a special breathing technique is used to build up Qi into Lower Dantian. When enough Qi is available, Qi starts to flow up along the Du Mai channel. Gradually a natural circulation of Qi at a very deep level is activated and flows around the Ren Mai and Du Mai channels, the so-called Microcosmic Circuit.

With continued practice and focus Qi then automatically flows into other channels and opens up the so-called Macrocosmic Circuit. This is what happens in the first step of five, in the fifth method. Progress in Zhong Yuan requires consistent practice, patience, conviction and focus, and it is probably something you can practice for your whole life.

When the Macrocosmic Circuit is open, our work continues in order to open the Central Channel and the supplementary Left and Right channels. The first four Yuan Gong methods support the opening of these channels and Di Yuan lays the foundation for a concentration of Qi in the Lower Dantian, an important prerequisite for opening the Central Channel.

Pre-requisities for Xia Yuan

Zhong Yuan is the fifth method in the Yuan Gong system. As this is an advanced technique, there are pre-requisites, which will be explained to you when you learn other fundamental methods.


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