Ai vs Divine Wisdom: the Battle of the Century

ai wisdom Jun 04, 2023

One of the hot topics of the day (well, century) is Ai (artificial intelligence). 

In the video interview above*, ex-google officer and Ai expert Mo Gawdat speaks out about the dangers of AI, saying 'we are approaching the point of no return', ie, the point when AI intelligence will outstrip human intelligence, which could cause much harm and danger.

For decades now this topic has been hinted at more and more, especially in movies. Do you remember 'Bicentennial Man' with Robin Williams, made in 1999, and the troubles this robot-man went through as his consciousness developed?

So what is it we really need to understand here?

Well, it's not just about Ai or human intelligence: it's about understanding the difference between human knowledge and divine WISDOM.

And it's about the need to learn about the different levels and dimensions of existence which constitute 'reality', and how we are mostly ignorant of many of these dimensions, at our peril. 

And here's where much of the problem lies:

The tech we are creating (Ai, VR, metaverses...) is being created by humans who are not yet wise enough to understand what they are doing, or the ramifications and consequences of these creations.

And this comes down to the fact that we as humans collectively are ignorant of who and what we truly are, and who and what we are not. 

True Self, false self and the True Goal of Life

We have become so separate from our 'True Self', we have forgotten that at our core we are 'Spirit' - spiritual beings having a human experience. 

We have forgotten that we are here on earth to evolve our consciousness up the 'ladder of self-realization' to greater and greater levels of wisdom, so that we can live a life of harmony, and as is said in Ren Xue life cultivation, achieve  and experience the '5 true treasures of life': health, harmony, wellbeing, growth and contribution. 

We are unaware of the levels of ignorance (which can mean both 'stupidity' as well as the 'ignoring of the truth (of who we are and why we are here) that we are operating from in our consciousness, which in Ren Xue we call the 'false self'.

We are unaware that our job here on earth as humans is to dissolve this false self, so that the True Self (higher self, Soul, Spirit, God... there are many words one can use) can shine through and lead the way. 

In other words, we are ignorant, and we are unaware of what we are unaware of, which will be the case until we become more aware, which means until we clear away the 'false self' to reveal the True Self - our Divinity and Divine Nature. 

So how do we grow our awareness, self-awareness, self-consciousness, consciousness, true intelligence...?

Levels of Intelligence

At least for the past 100 years, the intelligence which has come to be prized, valued and regarded as most important is the intellect. 

But intellectual (head brain) intelligence is just one intelligence, and not necessarily the greatest intelligence we have access to.

However, for those people deeply steeped in intellectual intelligence, who spend little or no time developing their other (higher) levels of intelligence, they may be largely ignorant of these other levels of intelligence. 

We humans actually have 3 brains, not just the head brain, and our job is to learn how to use all 3 brains as a team, so that we engage and tap into the highest capacity of each brain in order to reach an even higher level of intelligence (the sum of the parts):

  • The highest capacity of the head brain is 'creativity'.
  • The highest capacity of the heart brain is 'compasson'
  • The highest capacity of the gut brain is 'courage'.

And when all 3 are working in alignment, we come into authentic 'integrity' (integer - one) where one can access authentic WISDOM.

And this in itself is a gateway to even higher levels of wisdom on other planes of existence...

Dimensions of Existence

Most people are also ignorant of the many 'unseen' dimensions of existence which make up ‘reality’, the reality of who and what we truly are.

Whilst some people in the world today believe that the only way to access our super-human abilities is to merge us with tech, and become cyborgs, the truth is our superhumanness is who we truly are, if we could only access it. 

In order to do this, there is much work to be done, and this is where humans are lazy. We don't want to do the 'inner work' - we just want to get the results. 

As one starts to cultivate one’s consciousness, and become more aware of higher levels of one's being, one recognizes the need to develop heart consciousness. The heart is the gateway to a much greater intelligence, connected with intuition – the intuition of the Soul, Spirit, and beyond. The heart is the gateway to the Soul, which is a stepping stone to Spirit. 

In the little-known 'Ageless Wisdom' teachings, the plane of the intuition equates with the 'Soul', which is itself the intermediary between man's lower mind and Spirit or 'Monad'.

Whilst the intellect is a highly formed level of intelligence (because everything is relative - for example, just think about the level of intellect of a dog), it is still lower on the scale of intelligence than true intuition. In the diagram above, called the 'constitution of man', you can see that the plane (dimension) of intuition is higher than the plane of mind. The plane of intuiton is a plane of 'knowingness', where information is 'realized' without having to think. It is simply 'known and understood'. 

Unfortunately, 'conventional' human science does not yet recognize or understand this plane of existence, and so believes that unless something can be 'scientifically proven' it cannot be true. Most scientists are not yet aware of 'spiritual science', although many great scientists of the past have tapped into this level of intuition, for example Tesla, Einstein and more. 

And the point here in relation to Ai is this:

Unless and until our intelligence is operating from the level of true intuition or beyond, we have the potential to cause damage when creating and using Ai, because we are still operating from the lower mind, which is in a place of ignorance. 

But there is more to understand about the creation of Ai, robots etc:

Understanding the 'Kingdoms of Nature'

Most people have not been taught about either the different dimensions and levels of existence (referenced above) or the various 'kingdoms of nature' and our place in it.  

For starters, many people are unaware of our 'journey through the 5 kingdoms of nature': from mineral to plant to animal to human and eventually to Soul.

Humanity is currently in the 'human kingdom' progressing towards the higher 'kingdom of Souls'. This is a big topic which I cannot go into more here, but you can discover more in the 'Bigger Picture' series if you like.

The Devic Kingdom

An equally interesting topic to learn about and understand is the 'devic kingdom', a dimension of existence running parallel with the evolution of humanity, and intimately connected with both humanity and everything in 'form' existence.

So here's the important thing to understand here:

Everything in manifest existence (ie, form, matter) has a physical and non-physical aspect. There cannot be a physical form without a non-physical aspect behind it. 

In terms of being a human, the non-physical form behind our physical beingness consists of a number of things, including energy (Qi), an etheric template or 'blueprint', various fields of energy (auric layers), our mind, feelings, and our Soul and Spirit.

(It's a complex subject which I do not profess to yet understand completely, because in order to do so, one needs to have reached a very high level of 'self-realization' typically known as spiritual enlightenment. However, I have studied and learned a reasonable amount over the past 25 years to know a reasonable amount on this topic, enough to share what I am writing here).

And here's where it gets even more interesting, especially in reference to the topic of Ai, and it's power to effect harm or good:

In order for any object to be in manifest existence (eg, a spoon, computer, a heart, kidney, car, vacuum cleaner, think of any physical object at all) there must be a devic being in existence holding that object in form. 

The devic being for each and every object in manifested existence is not typically seen or even known about by most people, but it is there, because an object cannot exist in form without a devic being. 

And this devic being is intelligent. 

Do you see the ramifications of this?

Do you understand how this relates to how Ai and why people are saying so-called 'artificial robots' could become more intelligent than a human?

Do you see? Can you begin to understand?

Over the years I have studied and learned about the Devic Kingdom, as well as 'Nature Consciousness' (which is not what most people think), and one of the pre-eminent teachers on this topic is Machaelle Small-Wright. 

In particular if you are interested in learning about the Devic Kingdom, I recommend the following books by Machaelle:

Behaving as if the God in all life mattered / Co-creative Science / MAP


You can find all her books at 

I also recommend 'The Kingdom of the Shining Ones' by Flower Newhouse. 

Understanding Nature

For most people, when we think of nature, we think of trees, mountains, flowers, fresh air... in other words, the outer environment around us.

However, nature is far more than this. 

Nature is a consciousness and an intelligence: an intelligent consciousness of its own, and which we are both a part of, and connected with.

Humans can - and need - to learn to communicate with and co-create with nature in a more intelligent way than we are currently doing.

In order to do this, we must understand what nature really is, and evolve our consciousness to higher levels so we are able to consciously work and co-create in an intelligent, benign and beneficial way with nature.

As Machaelle writes in her newly updated 'co-creative science' book, "When humans consider solutions for restoring balance to an out-of-balance world, they need only access the intelligence of nature for answers. We are at a critical point in history and for us to move forward with solutions that don’t create more problems than we already have, we need to include nature’s wisdom and its knowledge of balance in science and in our everyday life. Nature holds the roadmap for successfully repairing the messes we’ve created and will continue to create as long as we humans try to figure out reality on our own".

 So you see, there are many elements to take into consideration if we are to create and use truly intelligent Ai so that it does not lead to creating harm, including:

  • Understanding who we truly are: Spiritual beings having a human experience, here to evolve ourselves to higher and higher levels of self-realization
  • Learning about the different intelligences which exist in reality: lower mind, higher mind, intuition, nature, devic...
  • Learning to differentiate between our 'True Self' and false self, and how to dissolve the false self in order to be led wisely by the True Self 
  • Learning about the different 'kingdoms of nature', the consciousness of nature, the Devic realms... and how to work co-creatively with these other dimensions of existence

As you can see, this is a BIG topic, with many elements, which take time to learn and understand. 

I hope this blog has peaked your interest to learn more! 


*Original Youtube link to video from the 'Diary of a CEO': 

** For more information about the 3 brains see my video 'The 9 functions of your 3 brains' and look up the work of mBIT multiple braining 

Link to 'Bigger Picture' video series explaining the deeper meaning of life:

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Image Ai vs human: 


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