Ai vs Divine Wisdom: the Battle of the Century

ai wisdom Jun 04, 2023

One of the hot topics of the day (well, century) is Ai (artificial intelligence). 

In the video interview above*, ex-google officer and Ai expert Mo Gawdat speaks out about the dangers of AI, saying 'we are approaching the point of no return', ie, the point when AI intelligence will outstrip human intelligence, which could cause much harm and danger.

For decades now this topic has been hinted at more and more, especially in movies. Do you remember 'Bicentennial Man' with Robin Williams, made in 1999, and the troubles this robot-man went through as his consciousness developed?

So what is it we really need to understand here?

Well, it's not just about Ai or human intelligence: it's about understanding the difference between human knowledge and divine WISDOM.

And it's about the need to learn about the different levels and dimensions of existence which constitute 'reality', and how we are mostly ignorant of many of these dimensions, at our peril. 

And here's where...

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