Why You Need To Stop Worrying

worry Mar 16, 2020
"Worry is mentally rehearsing what you don't want to happen".
Here's the thing about worry...
It's not an emotion.
It's a mental habit.
A habit of thinking.
And mostly an UNCONSCIOUS habit of thinking.
Learning to become aware of your mental habits of thinking is PARAMOUNT if you wish to experience more inner peace.
You DO have control of your thoughts, but it takes practice, awareness and choice.
And it's an important choice, because what you think and how you feel affects every level of your being.
The more worrying your do, the more you put your body into stress and fear, which weakens the immune system, and alters the chemical functioning of your body in a non-beneficial way.
For example, worrying affects the spleen and stomach, which in turn compromises the digestive functions of the body. This is why we say "I was sick with worry" or "my stomach was tied up in knots". When we worry we are literally tying up our 'Qi' (energy / life force) in 'knots' inside, preventing it from flowing properly, which has a detrimental knock-on effect at a cellular-tissue-organ level. 
On the other hand, the more TRUST you cultivate, the more INNER PEACE you will experience.

And the more positive and happy you feel inside, the more this creates health and harmony within. Literally. When you feel happy, your immune system is strengthened and your internal physiological systems are healthier. 

And the choice is all in your hands (or rather... mind).
Isn't that amazing!
YOU have the choice over what you think and what you feel.
It has been scientifically observed that humans have approximately 60,000+ thoughts a day, and that we can experience 42,000+ emotions!!
So what are you choosing to THINK AND FEEL today? And do you know how to control this?
If you do, great, you're probably feeling pretty calm and happy right now, no matter the outer circumstances.
If not, you may be caught up in the fear and worry around you that is projected by the people in your environment, social media, the media etc. And unless you are SELF AWARE and masterful of your thoughts and emotions, you are likely to be unwittingly caught up in this energy. 
So decide...
Do you want to choose how YOU feel and think, or be caught up in the stream of mass thinking of others?
You choose.
Choose wisely. It will make all the difference : )

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