How to Navigate a Crisis - Wisdom Teachings

covid-19 Apr 09, 2020

The following is an excerpt from advice given by Yuan Tze to his students:

What is a Crisis?

"Most of us probably have experienced some sort of crisis in our lifetime. What exactly is a crisis?

In Chinese, the term for crisis consists of two words, ’危機 ’ (wei ji).

  • The first word ‘wei’ means ‘danger’, ‘damage’, ‘disaster’.
  • The second word ‘ji’ means ‘opportunity’, ‘timeliness’, ‘synchronicity’, ‘potential’.

The two words put together, ‘wei ji’ mean ‘a dangerous or disastrous situation that activates the potential for change.’

The only constant is change.

In REN XUE, everything in the universe is changing all the time; nothing remains unchanged. A crisis is also a time for change. How would a positive change take place?

Firstly, it is only possible when we truly want it. Then following on that true intention, the way we see and deal...

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