What is Natural, Universal Law?

natural law nature Oct 25, 2022

In Taoism and Qigong, we talk a lot about being 'natural' and following the 'laws of nature'. We call this 'following the Tao' (the natural way).

In lawyer Karen Ruth Skolmli's wonderfully enlightening video series on the law and legal system, we learn how 'natural law' sits at the top of the pyramid of jurisdiction. In Taoism and Qigong, it is the same.

In Qigong, we learn that as humans it is most beneficial for ourselves, and others, and all of life, including everything on the planet, to live in harmony with the laws of nature. To be 'natural'. 

As we become more self-aware and learn about ourselves, we also come to see that 'what is natural has become unnatural, and what is natural has become unnatural'.

What does this mean?

It means that over the years and centuries our way of life has strayed more and more away from what is 'natural'. 

For example, being constantly stressed has become the 'norm', and it's often seen as a badge of honour to be 'busy,...

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