5 Tips for Overcoming Resistance to Qigong Practice

qigong practice Jan 29, 2023

What is your experience of your personal Qigong practice?

Is it easy for you? Do you jump out of bed each day eager to practice without any trouble?

Or are you, like me, someone who has to work everyday at 'making yourself' achieve a consistent practice?

Despite learning and practicing Qigong since 2000, and benefiting from the amazing consequences of this health methodology, I can't say it's been an easy ride.

Whilst some exercises and techniques have been relatively easy (eg sitting meditation) other practices have been harder, despite their enjoyability and ease (which for me personally has been standing and moving Qigong practice).

So why is this?

Why is that something SO immeasurably beneficial and enjoyable, can create so much resistance to practice?

Well, as we know in Ren Xue, it comes down to PATTERNS! Those pesky unhealthy patterns of consciousness which drive our every thought, feeling and behaviour. 

And as we know (if you've studied Ling Yuan Patterns...

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