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patterns Sep 02, 2022

"Often it is only by being completely broken that we are ready to do things differently… see things differently… act and behave differently".

Here is my simplistic birds-eye view of what is happening in the world today, and why it's happening.

It's a short-cut to all the theories and waffle:

Mankind has lost its way on the path of the 'Tao' (the natural way).

We have been pillaging the earth, abusing nature... animals... each other... causing havoc and harm, through greed… selfishness… ignorance.

When we lose balance, and cause harm, there are consequences, because we live in a universe of cause and effect ruled by universal laws.

We have been ‘breaking the laws of life’. The laws of life include the laws of health.

One of the consequences of breaking the laws of life and health is that the human ‘system’ loses balance and gets sick.

This happens individually when we lose balance personally… and then collectively once too many people individually have lost balance.

Every human is a cell in the organism of humanity, and humanity is sick… mentally… and physically.

We now find ourselves in a massive collective imbalance.

The human organism is going haywire.

Things are falling apart… disintegrating… breaking down… collapsing.

Society is collapsing because it can no longer function the way it has been operating. This cannot continue. It is unsustainable because it is unhealthy and breaking the laws of nature.

The universe is infinitely intelligent and knows what is right... healthy... harmonious.

When we lose our way... if we lose our way... nature and the universe will do whatever it takes to bring us back on track.

This includes destroying what no longer works.

The universe will bring us to our knees to wake us up… humble us… break us…

Because often it is only by being completely broken that we are ready to do things differently… see things differently… act and behave differently.

Humanity is being asked to reshape how it works COMPLETELY.

Selfishness has to go.

Instead, we must learn to share… support… love… care.

Greed must go.

Instead we must learn to share… support… love… care… and treat everyone we meet as brothers, sisters, family.

We must learn to live from the heart, led by true caring, compassion, love for each other.

Only then will the world regain balance and harmony.

Only then.

There is no more time to stay in the old ways.

The time for change is NOW, and the change starts within, one person at a time.

If you want to help yourself, and assist the world, to change in a positive way, THE most direct way is to work on your unhealthy PATTERNS of consciousness.


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