10 Tips for Ling Yuan practice

ling yuan patterns Nov 09, 2022

If you are practicing Ling Yuan (the 'patterns clearing' method of Yuan Gong), either thorugh the 'formal' Ling Yuan method, or through general everyday life observation, here are a few tips for helping your Ling Yuan 'patterns transformation' practice:

1. KEEP IT SIMPLE 'BY THE BOOK' (to start with)

When you first learn the 8 formal step Ling Yuan method, along with the 10 fundamental unhealthy patterns of human consciousness, it's good to do things 'by the book' to start with. In other words, just keep it simple. Familiarize yourself with the 10 fundamental patterns, and use them in the 8 step Ling Yuan method. This can keep you busy for years! 

Then, once you feel comfortable and very au fait with both the 8 step process, and the 10 fundamental patterns, you can add in the 20 supplmentary patterns, and spend some time working with them. This can keep you busy for a few more years!

And once you have done this, or as you are doing this, you will find that you start...

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Save Yourself, Save the World

patterns Sep 02, 2022

"Often it is only by being completely broken that we are ready to do things differently… see things differently… act and behave differently".

Here is my simplistic birds-eye view of what is happening in the world today, and why it's happening.

It's a short-cut to all the theories and waffle:

Mankind has lost its way on the path of the 'Tao' (the natural way).

We have been pillaging the earth, abusing nature... animals... each other... causing havoc and harm, through greed… selfishness… ignorance.

When we lose balance, and cause harm, there are consequences, because we live in a universe of cause and effect ruled by universal laws.

We have been ‘breaking the laws of life’. The laws of life include the laws of health.

One of the consequences of breaking the laws of life and health is that the human ‘system’ loses balance and gets sick.

This happens individually when we lose balance personally… and then collectively once too...

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How to Keep Your Heart Open in Crisis

A message from Yuan Tze, April 2020
How do we keep our hearts open when the world is in turmoil? You see all the suffering and you feel the pain.
‘It is a dilemma’, you may think, ‘when I open my heart to the world, I also invite vulnerability and suffering to myself’.
Let’s examine this further.
What would your reaction be at this time?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and anxious?
  • Do you feel angry and wanting to blame?
  • Do you feel hopeless and fall into despair?
These reactions may seem reasonable or even ‘natural’.
However, in looking closer, do you see the possibility that the pattern of Avoiding and Hiding could play a part in it, especially in directing us to find ‘refuge’ in patterns which lead to these common reactions?
Why can’t we face reality?
Because it is difficult and we need to close our hearts and divert ourselves in order to feel better and safer....
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