What is a Wisdom Civilization?

"It is through the development of Jingshen (wisdom) civilization that we can get out of this mire: by recognizing the importance of our heart, and letting realization and wisdom guide our lives. A true civilization is a Jingshen civilization at the core, leading the material civilization. The material civilization serves the Jingshen civilization".
Yuan Tze

Recently at our annual Ren Xue training, Yuan Tze (founder of the Ren Xue system) shared on a topic which is undoubtedly one of the most pressing concerns of our time, if we are to not only make it through our current 'Covid' crisis, but beyond this to survive as a civilization:

The choice between humanity evolving as a 'material' vs 'wisdom' civilization.

Material Civilization

"The pandemic is an opportunity for humans to slow down and look inwards, and discover what needs to be changed, individually and collectively, for us to move forward. We urgently need this opportunity".

Whilst many of the developments of humanity over the past few centuries are obviously useful, necessary and impressive, the truth is, it is clear to see we have done much damage -  to our environment, other forms of life, and ourselves. 

In Ren Xue, looking at the consequences of our actions, we can say this is indicative of having lost our 'natural state' and behaving against the 'laws of nature'. In other words, we are not living in harmony with the laws of life - the 'Tao'.

Whenever we 'break laws' there are consequences - usually unpleasant consequences. Just think 'jail' and you get my meaning. These consequences are there to 'teach us a lesson' so that we are nudged back on track.

The current (and fast-changing ‘old’) paradigm of life revolves around success being materialistic. In a materialist society, on a personal level, the more money you make, the more fame you have, the more material objects you have, the more 'successful' you are seen to be, and feel. A (false) sense of identity is built on this type of success. On a cultural level this type of success is seen in for example the GDP or growth of a country's economy. 

This is a narrow understanding of success, and is the result of the limited ‘personality's’ understanding of success.

Wisdom Civilization

"By embracing wisdom, we transcend crisis. We transcend crisis through embracing wisdom. When the heart is not involved, we cannot access wisdom".

The new (coming in as we move from the age of Pisces to Aquarius) paradigm and mark of success is the ability to create and live in a WISDOM culture. A wisdom culture has a completely different set of beliefs and values to a material culture. In Ren Xue the hallmarks of success lie in 5 key factors:

  1. A true sense of wellbeing
  2. Your level of physical, mental, emotional health
  3. An authentic level of happiness (which rises from within a deep state of joy in the heart, and has nothing to do with external objects, circumstances or achievements)
  4. How much your consciousness grows, changes and evolves
  5. How much you give of yourself and contribute to humanity in a positive way

This is summed up in the overriding mission statement of 'ZI DU DU REN' - lift yourself up, then lift others up. This is the guiding principle of Ren Xue. 

Wisdom culture understands that success is not about your material achievements - it is about how much you GROW AND EVOLVE as a human; how healthy, happy and harmonious you feel inside... how much you see your oneness with all of life… how much you are able to contribute to the betterment and upliftment of humanity. This is Soul culture.

A materialistic culture is born from the personality, which is itself made up of the physical, astral (emotional) and mental aspects of human’s consciousness. These planes of consciousness are limited and limiting. They are the 'bottom of the barrel' planes of human existence. 

Soul culture is born from and exists on the Buddhic plane – the plane of Soul consciousness. 

On the plane of Soul, there is no ‘I’ – there is only ‘we’ and ‘one’. There is unity, where what you do to others you do to yourself, and what you do to yourself you do to others, because it is the plane of unity and unification. It is oneness. From this plane one can do no actions which harm another, because harming another is harming oneself, and harming oneself is harming another. 

Human Evolution - Awakening to a new level of consciousness

"True riches is joy in the heart and being able to contribute to the world. It has nothing to do with how much money or fame or material possessions you have". Yuan Tze

Humanity is in the process of evolving en masse to this Soul plane, and it is no easy task, because in order to do so, one must transcend the vagaries of the personality consciousness, which is hall-marked with greed, selfishness and other unhealthy habits and desires.

If you have not yet understood that one of the key messages of the current world crisis is the universe asking us to change our ways, and let go of our materialistic ways of living, then now might be a good time to wake up and see this, because until we make the necessary changes – individually and collectively - the crises (pleural) will continue.

The universe will not stop until we get the lessons and make the change, because this is our destiny. We cannot go further into materialism with its dire consequences and self-destruction. We have reached our limit without further dire consequences.  Now is the time to change.

If you’re ready for this change, and ready to create a better humanity, come join the revolution of consciousness.

Ren Xue - A Path to Wisdom

"The love and wisdom of the universe is in everything. This is not just theory. Every crisis is a manifestation of that love and wisdom. The Pandemic is the love of the universe for us humans - giving us the opportunity to set things right".

In Ren Xue, the goal of the practices is to evolve our levels of self-realization in order to grow wisdom. As we dissolve the unhealthy patterns of consciousness which have been ruling our life (greed, self-centredness etc), our 'True Self' reveals itself and is able to guide us in everyday life. The unhealthy patterns of consciousness constitute what we refer to as the 'false' self. The goal is to allow the True Self to manifest more and more. The end result of this is greater levels of wisdom. 

As we climb up the ladder of self-realization, one of the milestone rungs on the ladder is 'enlightenment'. Enlightenment signifies a significant level of how much the True Self is now manifesting and leading the way. It has taken over the 'false self' and is now guiding us with greater wisdom. This is the first major milestone and goal of Ren Xue.

All the practices in the Ren Xue system are geared to restoring our 'natural state' so that the True Self can manifest. 

I invite you to join me in any of my live or on demand online Yuan Gong courses, which are the methods we use to restore our natural state and allow a return to the True Self. 

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Kim Knight, Ren Xue Yuan Gong Teacher

"We need to be an agent of change - personally and collectively". Yuan Tze


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