Ancient Healing for a Modern World

Uncategorized Nov 29, 2019

Centuries ago, Taoist sages in ancient China understood the workings of the Universe, and knew how to look after their physical health, wealth and happiness. By studying nature they saw that a human being was a miniature of the universe, and that by learning to harmonize and balance the forces of nature within themselves they could grow old and stay healthy. Over time, they directed their consciousness inwards and developed a number of practical techniques with which to do so.

Did you know that in ancient China your doctor was considered a failure if you became sick? The best doctors therefore trained their patients to prevent illness by maintaining a high level of health. The promise of these ancient healing techniques still available today is to reveal the methods of how to bring one’s various bodily energy systems into balance and manage one’s own health. For some this can be a major revelation.

For centuries the practices were passed down from teacher to student and...

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How Qigong Saved My Life

qigong ren xue yuan gong Jul 25, 2019

Back in 1996 I was diagnosed with CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome).

This wasn’t the first time I had been diagnosed with a chronic illness.

Several years before in 1988 I had been diagnosed with clinical depression.

Finding myself unexpectedly ill set me on my journey to find solutions to illness which didn’t involve having to take medication, which didn’t agree with me in terms of the side-effects I noticed, or my growing philosophy of ‘well if I’m ill, there must be a reason, and I’d like to find out what that is, and solve it from there, rather than cover it up with medication, or prop myself up with supplements’.

Making Progress... and not

After working with counsellors after the depression diagnosis, I thought I was on my way to getting better, and whilst in some ways I was, in other ways I wasn’t, but I didn’t know it, because as I was to find out, illness - and the journey back to health - really is a journey of...

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