What is a Wisdom Civilization?

"It is through the development of Jingshen (wisdom) civilization that we can get out of this mire: by recognizing the importance of our heart, and letting realization and wisdom guide our lives. A true civilization is a Jingshen civilization at the core, leading the material civilization. The material civilization serves the Jingshen civilization".
Yuan Tze

Recently at our annual Ren Xue training, Yuan Tze (founder of the Ren Xue system) shared on a topic which is undoubtedly one of the most pressing concerns of our time, if we are to not only make it through our current 'Covid' crisis, but beyond this to survive as a civilization:

The choice between humanity evolving as a 'material' vs 'wisdom' civilization.

Material Civilization

"The pandemic is an opportunity for humans to slow down and look inwards, and discover what needs to be changed, individually and collectively, for us to move forward. We urgently need this opportunity".

Whilst many of the developments of humanity over...

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How to Keep Your Heart Open in Crisis

A message from Yuan Tze, April 2020
How do we keep our hearts open when the world is in turmoil? You see all the suffering and you feel the pain.
‘It is a dilemma’, you may think, ‘when I open my heart to the world, I also invite vulnerability and suffering to myself’.
Let’s examine this further.
What would your reaction be at this time?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and anxious?
  • Do you feel angry and wanting to blame?
  • Do you feel hopeless and fall into despair?
These reactions may seem reasonable or even ‘natural’.
However, in looking closer, do you see the possibility that the pattern of Avoiding and Hiding could play a part in it, especially in directing us to find ‘refuge’ in patterns which lead to these common reactions?
Why can’t we face reality?
Because it is difficult and we need to close our hearts and divert ourselves in order to feel better and safer....
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Grow Openness to Reduce Anger

tong yuan May 17, 2020

"In the past, if I was triggered into anger, my heart would (energetically) close, causing pressure physiologically in the liver, leading to Qi blockages in the liver and gallbladder. Now, by using Openness in Tong Yuan, I can keep my heart energetically 'open' which prevents the liver energy blocking up"... 

A Story of Dispelling Anger and Increasing Inner Peace

For me personally, one of my 'negative' knee-jerk emotional habits throughout my life has been frustration and anger.

For example, in the past, if someone cut me off on the road while I was driving, I would get angry.,,

Or if I didn't get what I wanted, I'd get annoyed...

Or if I wasn't living up to my own high standards and expectations I'd get impatient and frustrated...

This was the end-result of much unconscious built-up frustration in childhood (where most of our problems generally start), as a result of what is termed 'emotional neglect': even if all our...

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Why Seek Enlightenment?

As one develops greater self-realization (realization of the 'True Self' as opposed to the 'false self') and wisdom, one of the the first major milestones of this ongoing growth is reaching the state of consciousness often referred to as 'enlightenment'.

So what is the purpose of reaching of enlightenment?

Well, it's not the end-goal itself: As with many goals, it's the 'precessional effect' of the goal which is of real value*.

The precessional effect of self-realization is a state of understanding and wisdom which is to be found far beyond normal human cognitive function. It's a giant leap beyond, in fact so far beyond that it is incomprehensible to describe or experience until one has reached this state.

As self-realized master Eckhardt Tolle says "the finger pointing at the moon is not the same as the moon". The reality is we will not have a full comprehension of this state until we reach it, but that doesn't mean we cannot and should not strive...

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Breaking Down to Break Through - Personal and Planetary Transformation

5 xin tong yuan Apr 18, 2020

Until and unless you have experienced a 'mental breakdown', it's impossible to convey what it feels like to go through such a crisis, or why it happens. But once you have gone through such an experience, it's much easier to make sense of the dramatic change and transformation which occurs during such an event.

The interesting thing is, humanity is currently going through a collective breakdown, so it's useful to know how to navigate such an existential crisis, in order to make sense of it, and stay sane during it.

So let me tell you a story.

Death and Rebirth

Nearly half my lifetime ago, at the age of 28, I had what is classically termed a 'nervous breakdown'. The funny thing is, no-one ever named it as such at the time, and I had no idea what was happening to me. It took me years to piece together what had happened, and that comprehension was pivotal in coming to understand the mechanics of consciousness. 

As I lay in my hospital bed, self-admitted for clinical...

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Creating Calm in a Time of Uncertainty with Ren Xue

ren xue yuan gong Apr 11, 2020

(Copy of article by Tennille Ziegler originally posted by Verena Jonker) 

April 2020

"I am grateful to wake up feeling truly free within myself. I am not attached to my thoughts anymore and experience a deep connection with everything. Love and gratitude are qualities I feel during the whole day. There is space, true peace and calm"...

If the past few weeks are anything to go by, the angst and uncertainty in the air are causing a flurry of heightened emotions. From fear to anxiety, anger to despair, there are a lot of emotions at play. Whilst the country settles into lockdown mode, Ren Xue looks into the future with optimism. 

Ren Xue is a system of life cultivation that incorporates a new form of  Qigong, a moving meditation whose traditions go back thousands of years in China. A place with a renowned heritage and bestowed upon traditions, Qigong is a way of life for many in the Eastern world. 

Yuan Tze – founder of Ren Xue – has created a new...

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How to Navigate a Crisis - Wisdom Teachings

covid-19 Apr 09, 2020

The following is an excerpt from advice given by Yuan Tze to his students:

What is a Crisis?

"Most of us probably have experienced some sort of crisis in our lifetime. What exactly is a crisis?

In Chinese, the term for crisis consists of two words, ’危機 ’ (wei ji).

  • The first word ‘wei’ means ‘danger’, ‘damage’, ‘disaster’.
  • The second word ‘ji’ means ‘opportunity’, ‘timeliness’, ‘synchronicity’, ‘potential’.

The two words put together, ‘wei ji’ mean ‘a dangerous or disastrous situation that activates the potential for change.’

The only constant is change.

In REN XUE, everything in the universe is changing all the time; nothing remains unchanged. A crisis is also a time for change. How would a positive change take place?

Firstly, it is only possible when we truly want it. Then following on that true intention, the way we see and deal...

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Crisis - An Opportunity for Change

ren xue yuan gong Apr 04, 2020
When someone goes through a mental breakdown (breakthrough to a new level of consciousness - which I have personally experienced) it is a very confusing, scary time, because all we know to be true is crumbling away, and we find ourselves hanging on the edge of the cliff of uncertainty and the unknown by our fingernails. Right now humanity is going through such a collective breakdown. And the problem is, many people have no idea how to navigate such a crisis. Yuan Tze knows how...
For the past 11 years I have had the privilege of studying and learning with a true master of wisdom. This is quite possibly the biggest gift and blessing in my life.
Because when you learn from a true master of wisdom, (someone who has 'mastered' themselves on all levels - mental, emotional, energy, physical), who operates from a level of consciousness the average person cannot comprehend, YOUR understanding of life changes completely too.
Right now humanity...
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Why You Need To Stop Worrying

worry Mar 16, 2020
"Worry is mentally rehearsing what you don't want to happen".
Here's the thing about worry...
It's not an emotion.
It's a mental habit.
A habit of thinking.
And mostly an UNCONSCIOUS habit of thinking.
Learning to become aware of your mental habits of thinking is PARAMOUNT if you wish to experience more inner peace.
You DO have control of your thoughts, but it takes practice, awareness and choice.
And it's an important choice, because what you think and how you feel affects every level of your being.
The more worrying your do, the more you put your body into stress and fear, which weakens the immune system, and alters the chemical functioning of your body in a non-beneficial way.
For example, worrying affects the spleen and stomach, which in turn compromises the digestive functions of the body. This is why we say "I was sick with worry" or "my stomach was tied up in knots". When we worry we are...
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Heart Opening

Uncategorized Nov 30, 2019

The following story was sent to me by a Qi Gong practitioner, and with his permission I am sharing it as I feel it is a wonderful story to share. These are the sorts of ‘expansion’ experiences we will experience as we work on ourselves to evolve….

“I come from a background of martial arts (Kempo, Shaolin Chaun Fa,  Tai Chi/Chi Gung) and meditation has always featured under the umbrella of my teachings, but never to a particularly high degree. Over the last 19 years I have trained in the physical and energetic areas of the martial arts to a high degree, but when I look back I realize my meditation training and experience would only account for about 5% of my training time. Something I currently work towards bringing into balance for the following reasons.

About 2 years ago I was prepping for some solo tai chi training by doing a quiet standing meditation, which was typical for me, and during the normal 15 min meditation which usually consists of relaxing...

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