Solving World Problems - The Missing Piece?

Most of us can see the world is overrun with problems, and has been for some time. 

Poverty, crime, sickness, unhappiness, cruelty, distress, economic strife... and the ongoing seemingly insane 'pandemic' crisis which has disrupted everyone's lives beyond our wildest expectations. 

The list of human troubles and strife is long.

Many well-meaning people are working hard to make things better...

Activists, health professionals, lawyers, the average person on the street - we are all endeavouring to resolve these issues and make our own lives and the world a better place.

But there is one small problem which may actually be a big problem, because it could be the one missing piece preventing us making better and faster progress:

A fundamental understanding of the root cause of the problem, and how to change it at a fundamental level.

In my work as a root cause analysis coach I learned the hard way through many years of trial and error that the key to solving a problem is to identify and resolve the root cause. When we do this, the symptoms, illness, unhappiness etc fall away like a deck of cards collapsing, sometimes instantaneously.

This is the key to resolving problems: get to the root cause of the problem and make change from that level*. But it takes effort and skill to see the hidden causes of life problems, and whilst most of us think we are dealing with the causes, often we are not - we are often only mid-way from the surface to the core. 

For example, often people think that the root of their digestive issues are a gut microbe problem, and believe that taking supplements or changing diet will cure the issue. Whilst both these approaches may well be very beneficial and necessary, the real question is 'why has the gut microbiome become out of balance in the first place?'.

To answer these questions we need to look deeper, at the events which have happened in our life to cause the body's natural homeostasis to lose balance. The true root causes will likely be elements such as stressful life events, traumas, hidden beliefs, unhealthy lifestyle habits etc.

Once we isolate the root causal elements, make adjustments and bring resolution at this level, the body will often naturally restore homeostasis and health. It's like pulling a weed out of soft soil by its roots so it doesn't grow again, rather than just tugging at it and wripping away only the top leaves, leaving the roots to grow again. The effect is completely different.

To solve their health problems at this fundamental level, the client will need to look inside themselves, and understand their beliefs, thoughts, feelings, actions, habits, behaviours... in other words, they are going to have to look inwards for the answers and solutions, and make fundamental change. 

So, back to our topic of world problems...

Unfortunately most of us have been unconsciously taught to look 'externally' for answers: we are constantly seeking outwards - to other people and our environment - for solutions.

Whilst there is merit in this, there is another way, which helps us resolve issues at their core:

To turn our attention inwards.

To look internally to make internal change, in order to effect external change, which is the direct consequence and reflection of that internal change. 

As the saying goes, 'the external world is a mirror of our internal world', and when we create positive internal change, the external world will change to reflect that internal change.

If this can be true individually, why not collectively? Could this be the answer to our collective world problems?

Getting to the root of problems

Yuan Tze, founder of the Ren Xue system of life cultivation, writes:

"Are you hoping for a brighter future for yourself and others?  Many of us are watching the world right now and wondering how things can change and improve. 

While there has been progress made in many areas, we still need more to truly make a positive shift.  We need to look at what is in the way of making true, foundational change that is sustainable and transformative.  Although many of us find it tempting to focus outward on how to make change, the true change comes from each of us uplifting our individual lives. 

What is in the way of doing this? 

It is our unhealthy patterns - our limited views, habits, and thoughts - that keep us from accessing our true wisdom. 

When we can see those more clearly and remove them, we are able to access our inner wisdom from our hearts.  That is where we can find freedom within ourselves and help others".

The 9 methods of Yuan Gong which sit within the system of Ren Xue, help us understand more deeply what our unhealthy patterns are, and how to clear them at a fundamental level, so we can move forward in life from a place of wisdom. 

Whilst the moving Yuan Gong practices (levels 1, 2, 3, 4) help to bring us to a place of inner stillness, and restore the quality and quantity of our Qi, levels 7 (Tong Yuan Heart Consciousness training) and 8 (Ling Yuan patterns training) are crucial for helping us transform our unhealthy patterns. 

The reality is, it doesn't matter how much time we spend on the surface 're-arranging the deck chairs of the Titanic' - if we don't address the fundamental root cause of our problems, not much is going to fundamentally change, or positive change will take a long, long time. 

The quicker people realize where the roots of our problems lie (with our patterns), the quicker we can resolve them effectively and efficiently.

The biggest issue really is helping people recognize where the true work lies, and helping people - all of us - do this collectively. 

Are you ready to clear the unhealthy patterns within to truly uplift your life and others?

If so, I enourage you to do whatever inner work is necessary for getting to the root cause of problems and clear them. 

The Ten Fundamental Unhealthy Patterns  

In case you are interested, here are the 10 fundamental patterns we work to transform in the Ren Xue system of life cultivation. Which ones do you recognize in yourself? Most humans have all of them to some degree or another, and some may be stronger than others!

Ignorance - the real cause of problems

A longer message from Yuan Tze, April 2022 **

Dear friend,

Have you wondered why there is still so much suffering when we humans seem to have made so much progress in so many ways? For thousands of years, we have tried to deal with problems. However, despite all the effort, history seems to repeat itself and stories of suffering never cease to emerge. Although the stories may have different details in different settings, the root cause has not changed.

It’s ignorance.

What then causes the ignorance we manifest?

It’s the unhealthy patterns.

In other words, although the many problems humans have had may take numerous different forms, they have all come from the unhealthy patterns we have.

Do we continue to follow the same old path to deal with our problems? Isn’t it time to truly recognize that, without using a new way, it is unlikely that we can get beyond this impasse?

Yes, there is a way out and it only requires one condition to be in place – the manifestation of wisdom.

Wisdom clears ignorance, the root cause of suffering. Wisdom transforms unhealthy patterns, the root of our problems.

Fundamental change to the world is necessary for it to have a real future. This change will rely on every individual person’s effort to change and uplift their own life.

Is it your wish to make this change happen? Isn’t it about time?

I would like to invite you to work together for this urgently needed change. Through this effort, individuals and society as a whole can be liberated from the impasse and enjoy true happiness and freedom.  

Would you like help to transform your patterns?

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