The 9 Levels of Yuan Gong

A brief explanation and overview of the 9 levels (methods) of Yuan Gong in the Ren Xue system.


Tian Yuan

Tian Yuan is the first method in the system. It shows you how to increase the quality and quantity of Qi (energy) in your body. 

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Di Yuan

Di Yuan is the second method and shows you how to store the Qi you have gathered, as well as develop centering and stillness of mind. 

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Ren Yuan

Ren Yuan enables, supports and unblocks the flow of Qi in the channels (meridiens) of the body, clearing illness, enhancing health and increasing wellbeing. 

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Tong Yuan

Tong Yuan is a still (sitting) Qigong method specifically for cultivating the 5 'Xin' qualities of the heart in order to create a truly 'open heart'. Developing these qualities is essential for true health and wellbeing. 

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Ling Yuan

Ling Yuan, the eighth method is a still (sitting) Qigong method used to transform and upgrade unhealthy patterns of the consciousness, replacing old ways of thinking and believing with new healthy, life-affirming patterns of consciousness. 

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Ming Yuan

Ming Yuan, the ninth method is used to approach the true self during a continuous state of self-observation (Jue Cha) and thereby achieve greater self-realization and wisdom.

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Xia Yuan

Xia Yuan strengthens the Qi of the major internal organs (heart, lungs, liver, stomach, kidneys etc) and clears negative emotions stored in the organs (fear, sadness, anger, frustration, hurt etc).

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Zhong Yuan

Zhong Yuan is a Still (sitting) Qigong method which uses a special breathing technique to bring inner transformation. Its purpose is to open specific energy pathways in the body to create inner transformation.

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Shang Yuan

Shang Yuan is a natural continuation of Zhong Yuan and is a still (sitting) Qigong method for opening more energy pathways (meridiens) in the torso, legs and arms. 

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